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VOLI, a China faucet manufacturer deserves your trust. Wholesale bathroom faucets & kitchen faucets at most affordable factory direct price now!

Do you want to wholesale faucets in bulk for your business? Fine! VOLI faucet manufacturer offers kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets with the available highest quality! Whether you need sink faucet, wall mount faucet, kitchen faucet with sprayer, pull down kitchen faucet, foot pedal faucet, or sensor touchless faucet, VOLI faucet manufacturer can address all your needs! If you have your own faucet design and looking for an experienced faucet factory for bulk production, we’re happy to help you! You know, our factory direct price will quite competitive! Moreover, VOLI faucet manufacturer has listed some of the past work below, contact us to know their stock if you find one you like and want to buy. (Check here to know “How to Identify a Faucet Manufacturer?“)

  • MOQ: 100 PCS (OEM/ODM provided)
  • Custom Options: design, material(Brass, Stainless Steel, Zinc, ABS Plastic), color, logo, private label, package.
  • Custom Handles: single, two; Custom Holes: 1 hole, 2 holes, 3 holes, 4 holes
  • Custom Faucet Finishes: Chrome, Matte Black, Elegant Gold; Warm Copper; Oil Rubbed Bronze; Red Bronze; Classic Nickel; Beautiful Rose Gold
  • Best brass raw material to ensure the durability of faucets. VOLI China faucet supplier provides a five-year warranty! Hope you can have full confidence in the credence of our quality.

Wholesale Kitchen Faucets

The kitchen faucet is one of the most commonly used appliances in the home. To meet the needs of most faucet wholesalers, VOLI best kitchen faucet manufacturer produces various kitchen faucet types, including kitchen sink faucets, pull down kitchen faucet, pull out kitchen faucet, touchless kitchen faucet, wall mount kitchen faucet, kitchen faucet with sprayer, high arc kitchen faucet, single handle kitchen faucet, two handle kitchen faucet, etc. Available kitchen faucet finish: stainless steel, Nickel, Chrome, Bronze, Black, Gold, Brass, etc. Available kitchen tap materials: brass, stainless steel, zinc alloy. Feel free to contact VOLI faucet manufacturer for any questions.

Wholesale Bathroom Faucets

Whether you want to wholesale bathroom sink faucets (basin faucet), bathroom bathtub faucet, single handle bathroom faucet, 1 or 3 holes bathroom faucet, or other bathroom taps. VOLI bathroom faucet manufacturer China has a variety of bathroom faucet configurations to address your business needs. Our wholesale bathroom faucets are available in lots of colors. Choose brass, bronze, matte black, brushed nickel, chrome, or stainless steel bathroom faucets. Five-year warranty & Most competitive factory direct price. Please contact VOLI faucet manufacturer if you have any questions.

Custom Sensor Faucets

Automatic Sensor faucets are popular in public washrooms, particularly in hotels, hosptials, commercial kitchen, airports and shopping malls, where they are supposed to save water and reduce the transmission of disease-causing microbes. VOLI motion sensor faucet manufacturer offers full customized automatic faucets manufacturing service for global clents. Tell us what you want, VOLI faucet manufacturer will try our best to address all your needs.

Wholesale Foot Pedal Faucets

VOLI China faucet manufacturer provides custom foot pedal faucet manufacturing service for global wholesalers, distributors, companies, organizations, and stores.

What’s the Faucet Production Process?

How VOLI faucet manfuacturer produce our faucets? Here is the faucet manufacturing process: Copper ingots → dissolved → cast (low-grade cast by turning sand, high-quality tap by gravity)→ post-cast cleaning → casting inspection → machining → tolerance inspection → grinding → surface inspection → electroplating inspection → assembly test pressure → finished product inspection → packaging factory.

Stricter QC Inspections in VOLI Faucet Factory

Faucet production has a number of the rigorous production process, each process has strict requirements for the production process. Our faucet company is in accordance with the principle of superior products out of the factory, inferior products are not allowed to leave the factory.

After the finished product is put into storage, the finished product inspector carries on the sampling inspection, the inspection items include casting surface, thread surface, appearance quality, assembly, mark, spool sealing test, faucet sealing performance test, and so on, strictly carry out the sampling plan and judgment principle.

How to Identify the Quality of Faucet Produced by a Faucet Manufacturer?

  1. Observe the appearance, the surface coating of the faucet should be as bright as a mirror. After grinding and polishing, to prevent the faucet from oxidation, it will be coated with a layer of nickel or chromium, nickel or chromium has the function of neutral hydrochloric acid, in order to protect the faucet from corrosion for a long time. In the quality of identification, it is best to put the faucet in a well-lit place to see, the faucet surface without oxidation spots, no pores, no leakage and bubble, and charring marks, uniform color without burrs and sand is good products, and is the finger after pressing the faucet, fingerprints spread quickly and no trace, and not easy to attach dirt.
  2. Estimated weight. The main body of the faucet is generally brass. The electroplating quality of products made of brass can be guaranteed most, the higher the purity of brass, the better the electroplating quality, the more difficult the plating layer on the surface is to be corroded. In order to reduce the cost, some faucet manufacturers choose zinc alloy instead of brass, although the state allows the use of zinc alloy materials instead of brass, zinc alloy electroplating quality is poor, corrosion resistance is not strong. In general, VOLI faucet manufacturer can use the method of estimating weight to identify, brass is heavier and harder, zinc alloy is lighter and softer.
  3. Rotating handle, feel light spool well. Tap spool is usually steel ball spool and ceramic spool. The steel ball spool has good pressure resistance, but the rubber sealing ring which plays the role of sealing is easy to lose and aging fast. The ceramic spool is more heat-resistant and wear-resistant and has good sealing performance, so the opening times will be more, not due to spool wear caused by water leakage. Using ceramic spool tap, feel more comfortable, smooth, and open, close quickly. We can simply judge the quality of the spool based on the handle. Generally speaking, when we turn the handle up, down, left, and right, if feel light, no sense of block, the spool is better.
  4. Test flow, based on foam rich. Turn on the tap to check the water, select the tap with the bubble holder, and touch the finger to feel the water flow, the flow of soft and rich bubble content indicates that the quality of the bubble holder is better. The foaming device usually consists of six layers, usually made of metal mesh, and the flow of water through the mesh is divided into much small water column, which is mixed with air so that the water does not splash out.

Faucet Finishes Guide

Finish Options Pros Cons
Brass Brushed, polished, satin, antique, burnished, weathered Durable, stylish, enhance vintage decors More expensive, need more maintenance, harder to match the home decoration
Bronze Polished, brushed, oil-rubbed Durable, easy to clean, find, and match More expensive than chrome and brushed nickel tap.
Nickel Satin, brushed, polished Most durable finishes, don’t show wear, fingerprints, or water spots May scratch, tarnish, wear off;
Chrome Polished, brushed, matte Most inexpensive, easy to clean and maintain, durable, Shiny Shows water spots and fingerprints.
Stainless Steel Polished, brushed, matte Corrosion-resistant, scratch resistant, don’t fade, can disguise spots and smudges, less maintenance, enhances the modern decor Shows watermarks; easy to clean, but needs a frequent wipe down

Why Choose VOLI Faucet Manufacturer?

VOLI Will Design And Manufacture Any Faucet You Need

Kitchen sink faucet, basin faucet, bar faucet, waterfall faucet, wall mount faucet, etc. Custom order & Stock wholesale

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Most Competitive Price

VOLI faucet manufacturer has a faucet factory in China, which means the most competitive factory direct price is available!


One-stop custom faucet manufacturing service with professional follow-ups and fluent communication.

Available Highest Quality

To ensure the best product performance and durability. VOLI faucet manufacturer has the strictest quality control process and best raw materials.


Every client can fully customize package bags or boxes with his own design and logo for business promotion. Feel free to tell VOLI faucet supplier your ideas!

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