Our Mission Statement

Focus On Faucets And Clients

VOLI is a kitchen and bathroom faucet manufacturer based in Ningbo, China.The Founder Zhang Huajun had been the technology engineer mainly responsible for new item's molds and mold repair for other factories.

As a kitchen and bathroom faucet manufacturer, VOLI is focused on providing our clients with the best possible service: with responsive communication, timely assistance, and by providing the best possible faucets at the best possible prices. We have the capacity and reliable supply chains to take your challenge.

Founded in 2009 by Zhang Huajun, our team at VOLI has an established reputation for quality, reliability, and expertise.

Our Strongpoints

Why Work With Us

  • Industry Wisdom

    Our employees and cooperation partners are educated to understand market trends.

  • Continious Improvement

    We are always finding better people and better equipments to improve our brand influence.

  • Targeting And Positioning

    Projects at VOLI are carried out on mutual understanding. No wasted time and money.

Exceptional People Behind Your Project

A professional and passionate team dedicated to offering the best products and service. Our passion for sanity ware drives our passion for our company.

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Company Milestones

Historical milestones and a variety of achievements characterize our company’s journey. Throughout the past ten years, we have seen many product innovations, and continuous growth of our people and company.


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