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VOLI, a specialist in faucet and bathroom parts, offers one-stop products OEM
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wholesale shower heads
Wholesale Shower Heads
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Wholesale Shower Parts
Wholesale Shower Parts

True One-Stop Custom Service

OEM/ODM Service


Many wholesalers need small quantity orders that aren't accepted by most suppliers in China. So VOLI has a low Min Order Quantity of 100 PCS to meet everyone's needs.

Quality Guarantee

VOLI shower manufacturer provides five to ten year warranty for all shower heads, faucets, shower hoses, auto soap dispenser and other products we manufactured.

Competitive Prices

We have our own manufacturing plants in China. With the more affordable raw materials and labor, VOL is able to offer clients with the most competitive factory direct price.

Fully Custom Design

VOLI is famous for delivering highly customized products with mass production efficiency. We have an experienced design team and professiona production workers that will turn your ideas into reality.

Win-Win Situation

Whether you are a brand company, wholesaler or distributor, VOLI shower head/faucet manufacturer will help you to get high ROI and promote your business well.

20+ Years Experience

VOLI is experienced shower manufacturer in China, it started to focuse on producing shower heads since 2000, and then it has been continuously expanding the production line to different shower parts and faucets.

Hot Product Categories

VOLI, a leading bathroom parts and faucets manufacturer in China, has been in the industry for over ten years, we know how to help you get the right products to promote business. As a certified shower supplier, VOLI company will offer you the most professional one-stop service from design to production. Just tell us what you need now! Below are out hot product series.

pull out kitchen faucet

Wholesale Kitchen faucet

Brushed Nickel Gold Finish Bathroom Basin Faucet

Bathroom Basin Faucet

Automatic Sensor Faucet Cold and Hot Single Handle

Wholesale Sensor Faucets

Copper Floor Mounted Foot Pedal Basin Faucet 

Foot Pedal Faucets


Shower Mixer Taps

High Pressure 5 Spray Rain Handheld Shower Head for Bathroom

Hand Shower Heads

Rainfall Shower Head 8-Inch Top Shower -Round Shower Head

Rain Shower Heads

Thermostatic dual Shower Column

Dual Shower Head System

En-tighten flexible shower hose anti-twist &leakproof

Wholesale Shower Horse

Battery Operated Foaming Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispenser

Bathroom Bidet Sprayer Shower Head plastic sprayers

Plastic Bidet Sprayer

Brass Shattaf

Brass Shattaf

wholesale floor drain

Custom Floor Drain

Bathroom Sliding ShowerSystem Contemporary Style

Shower Sliding Bar

Square shower holder

Shower Head Holder

wholesale angle valve

Bulk Angle Valve Wholesale

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Why Choose VOLI?

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  Custom Packaging Solutions

We Keep You Up With The Trend

VOLI is an innovator and expert in the creation of modern shower parts and faucets. Our customers come from all over the world including the USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, and India.

Workforce of experienced engineers, technicians and laborers at VOLI stay a step ahead by constantly taking training. Our artful designers keep themselves updated with industry news to match their work to trendsetting models. You’re allowed to customize products according to your preferences in styles, materials, functions, finishes, and packaging. Collaborate with us today!

  Timeless Finishes

A Sleek Profile Stands For A Personal Statement

Our network of suppliers allows us to receive premium raw materials, such as ABS plastic, stainless steel, and brass. VOLI faucet manufacturer also has reliable Spanish suppliers to offer quality ceramic cartridges for faucets production.

To produce products of higher quality, VOLI shower manufacturer employs excellent electroplated finishes, such as nickel and chrome. Our custom shower heads, customized faucets, and shower parts are easily cleaned and can blend well into their environment. The surfaces of our products make them perfect to place your logo on for marketing purposes.
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  EN Certified Quality

Not Only The Skin Beauty, We Go Deeper…

Voli shower manufacturer selects high-tech materials under strict standards by professional engineers. EVA plastic is the raw material rather than polycarbonate. Because of our tests for materials and parts, we also ensure that our products are safe to use. Finished products go through strict tests to make sure that they’re leak-free.

Our factory also have Spanish cartridge available from brands such as Sedal and Kerox and our network of partners includes brands like TOTO, JOMOO, GROHE.

  Custom Packaging Solutions

Fully Customized Package Solution

VOLI shower manufacturer provides a variety of custom packaging options to meet different needs. You can choose the most suitable solution from color boxes, PE bags, and blisters.

Our custom logo design service is added to the packaging to help you market your brand and bring the best experience to your customers.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Establishing and sustaining trusted partnerships.

Yes, VOLI is a professional manufacturer of faucets and shower parts. We have our factories, design team, sales team, and after-sales team in China. Our product categories include shower heads (handheld, overhead, and dual type), faucets (bathroom shower faucet, kitchen faucet, sensor faucet, foot pedal), shower mixer, automatic soap dispenser, shower hose, shower head hold, shower sliding bar, floor drain, and bidet sprayer.

Custom design/material/color/function/size/logo/package/private label.

There are many things included in a shower system. So a shower system contains shower heads, hand showers, valves, water outlets, body sprays, and volume controls. The good thing about the shower system is that it will give the user a great spa experience.


Keep in mind that the shower system is different based on volume control valves and water flow. Shower faucets and bathtubs are three-piece systems that contain the valve, the bath faucet, and a showerhead. The shower head means the point where the water comes out when you turn on your shower. On the other side, you can also control the temperature and flow of water with shower faucets and showerheads. 


1. Types of Shower Heads


There are three types of shower heads:

• Fixed Shower Heads

As the name depicts, these shower heads are permanently fixed to the wall of the shower unit. On the other side, many fixed showerheads can be adjustable to the required height. Fortunately, spray showerheads or rainfall showerheads are fixed from the ceiling to look like a true rain shower.

• Handheld Shower Heads

Handheld showerheads are attached to the flexible hose or tube with which the motion can be changed. Indeed, there is a fixed-mount bracket on which handheld showerheads are hang. These showers are hanged low or high on the wall according to the user‘s needs. These types of showerheads are beneficial in bathing cats, dogs, and children. 

• Dual Shower Heads With Hand Showers

The dual showerhead has 2 in 1 unit where the handheld unit is attached to the fixed shower head. 

2. Shower Faucets


Most surprisingly, the shower faucets are very helpful in controlling the water temperature and flow. It has different types of handles, such as cross, lever, or knobs. A scald guard or pressure balancer is present to prevent yourself from a sudden drop in cold water or from having a burn hazard. If you have a shower system that consists of a top, you need a faucet with a diverter to control both the shower and the tab. 

3. Materials and Finishes


Typically, the showerheads are made up of metal, plastic, or solid brass with a colored finish or chrome. 
Keep in mind that handheld showerheads and fixed one comes in various finishes to compliment the other faucets and hardware in your bathroom. However, the most famous finishes and colors include
• Off white
• White
• Copper
• Polish door antique brass
• Oil rubbed bronze
• Brushed or polished nickel
• Brushed or polished chrome


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