6 Ways to Find a Reliable Faucet Supplier in China

It may be difficult to search for the endless clutter of suppliers in China. Here we will explain the seven best ways that help in finding a reliable supplier in China.

Why need a trustworthy Faucet Supplier?

Cooperating with reliable faucet suppliers means obtaining quality, competitiveness, timeliness, and innovation.

Choosing a new faucet supplier is one of the most important decisions because it will directly affect a company’s success. A reliable supplier can increase sales and provide quality services. Conversely, poor partnerships can lead to customer dissatisfaction, unrealized profits, and, in the worst case, business failure.

Where to find reliable faucet suppliers?

1.  The Canton Fair

The largest Chinese export/import convention is held two times a year. It actually covers every industry virtually that makes various physical products. It is very large so it runs in three phases:

Phase 1)

Machinery, chemical products, building materials, and electronics

Phase 2)

Home decor, gifts, and consumer goods

Phase 3)

Recreational products, medical devices, health products, textiles, and office supplies

You can attend these phases for free but once you are fully prepared for what is present actually in the store.

Here is a teaser:

A) You need to hire an interpreter at a fair $60-$75 per day or at 400-500 RMB. The service charges are generally more for minority languages

B) The sales representatives can easily speak basic business English. Some of them are hired for the fair and they may not work for the enterprise. You will learn about some faucet details and MOQs only.

C) Low prices and not a good quality go hand-in-hand unless or until you are willing to spend more like the advertised price, you will be unable to see the quality of wholesale faucets you want.

D)Faucet suppliers bring with them some samples so that you can touch and see the product. It is the best method to get an idea of the quality faucets.

E) After speaking to the faucet suppliers, they will again talk about business cards to provide you services in the future. Some of the faucet suppliers are hesitant to give business cards to each of the vendors. They do it because they meet out some fear that their details will be sold to other suppliers. Forsake of etiquette’s, they may also pass out some fake cards and give them to everyone.

The Canton Fair is very huge. Search the exhibitors and booth location on the website of the trade show to save energy as well as time. The same vendors will participate every year so the novelty may be missing. What’s more, here the companies with new functions and designs may show you some prototypes and will be looking for distributors rather than private label manufacturing and OEM.

2. Yiwu Market

Note: Yiwu faucet wholesales are the wholesalers that are trading companies. They are not faucet manufacturers.

[Here are the difference between factory and trading company & how to differentiate correctly:

1) Trading companies are the manufacture and make it easy to know which are you dealing with.

2) Most of the factories make some specific products that keep overheads and costs low. The company that advertises the item is likely to act as a middleman.

3) The trading company has some business names that may appeal to global buyers. Manufactures consists of the city and town and based on the company name.

4) Check the business card of the company for the address of the factory. If the location is in the downtown area, then you may be searching for a trading company.

5) The trading company are usually in English and cater to foreign buyers. Small manufacturers may not have the site or they have no resources to make the site.

6) Ask for the quality certificate of the company. A factory will be recorded as the owner on a certificate.

These checks become necessary to seek the china supplier without any help from the agent. It not cooperates with but may have strong relationships with the factories of the Cina. Agents are the best and safe bet to source high-quality goods in a perfect way.]

The Market of Yiwu will open for a whole year. It comes with 40,000 shops and must be on the radar only when you wish to source products at affordable prices. It is all because the market is tilted heavily to the buyers present in Africa, Middle East, and India. So, due to this reason, the products of the wholesalers will never reflect the standards of safety and regulation in Europe and the USA. So the prices of faucets may go lower as you wish but there will be no assurance of quality. If you wish to wholesale quality faucets, then you should look other than this wholesaler.

The Yiwu wholesalers will work with many factories is situated in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. So one of the benefits you can get from Yiwu is that you can purchase the product on a spot and then shipped the products in bulk in various locations.

If the goods you wish to acquire is not ready for sale, then ensure that you are clear about the requirements of the quality. It enables your supplier to place the order with the matching store. The bickering on the price will give result in a factory with the help of cheaper materials. It will adjust the quality of the product downwards.

You may also hire high-qualified purchase manager to simplified your sourcing. The agent of Yiwu perform these services:

—  Picking you from the hotel

—  Driving you all around the market to meet with the wholesalers

—  Negotiate the price and terms of an order

—  Coordination in procurement

—  Collection of various orders in just one shipment

These agents are not responsible for checking the quality control at a store. You still need to distinguish the quality supplier by yourself.

3. B2B marketplaces

Your search for Chinese faucet supplier may start online. Global Sources, and Alibaba, made in china are some of the famous sites that help in finding the best manufacturers and suppliers across China. You will need to be cautious of some things to avoid scammed on these businesses to the business marketplace. These things are:

1) Resellers may be advertised as manufacturers that are not so problematic when you are sourcing some cheap faucets. The faucets that are made to be more specific in technical requirements can only do with the help of the manufacturer. So, when you need quality faucets then you will require to verify the capabilities of suppliers. These are the sites that will rate their suppliers but everything is not 100% transparent. For instance, the suppliers who become the members of Alibaba as premium members with some annual fee then they will obtained golden suppliers status. It will increase the visibility of the site but it never means anything about quality levels and ethical behaviors. Vendors will get the best exposure on Alibaba only, if he pops up searching for a certain product category, must be vetted still.

2) After you have contacted the faucet suppliers, you can also request the samples and then place an order. This process may take a longer time like weeks instead of days from the initial contacting process till receiving samples.

3) Given some back-and-forth with faucets suppliers, you may also wish that both you and suppliers may have shared language that is common. The communication barriers make the explanation of exact requirements through live chat or email quite challenging.

4) Various business-to-business sites will give an easy platform for sharing the products before showcasing them to the buyer. This oversaturation venue may incline most of the quality suppliers to opt-out.

4. Souring agents

The China sourcing agents are ideal if you require faucets that are produced to the exact specification. Agent who is based in china may visit the factories for inspection of quality control. After you have large mass production, the agent will further visit the factory to inspect various raw materials. They will visit to check the quality of the first batches accurately.

Agents will drive on-ground across china are best-versed in Mandarin. So, you can easily overcome the barrier of communication and communicate your requirements in a well-defined way. Chinese faucet suppliers are more conscious about what they going to share. They will unlikely to inform about delaying of production and ask some question when they are not sure about the specifications of the products. Sourcing agents will also help here to ensure that the supplier will begins the production very soon.

While partnering with the agent, you may get strong support for a whole process, If you wish to get it perfect for the first time, and want to build a healthy relationship with the faucet supplier, then engaging the agent in the best way to start.

5. Google

The google search is one of the best and logical steps used by Chinese suppliers. These reliable faucet suppliers will have business sites and have some presence on social media.

The right Google search terms will help you get the most accurate results. Here are some search phrases you can use: faucet manufacturer, Chinese faucet manufacturer, custom faucet wholesale, China faucet factory, Private label faucets, wholesale faucets, faucet supplier. Remember, if you need a manufacturer to produce your custom faucets in bulk, then choose search phrases with manfuacturers and factory. Moreover, if you need specific faucet types, you can add the type name to your search phrases, such as kitchen faucet manufacturers, sensor faucet manufacturer, etc.

faucet manufacturer

6. Baidu

Most of the Chinese use Baidu, You can also use some translational tool to check the leads and see these suppliers on Alibaba and Google. Follow up when they look suitable to fulfill your demand. You may also search for more details and information like either they involve in any legal disputes or not.


There are few initial hiccups and the relationship may ups and downs. But staying on good terms with the supplier will help in flourishing your goals. It is very easy to overcome culture and language batteries when you go via a sourcing agent. You can also manage it on your own when you wish to travel to China and invest in a better relationship with suppliers.

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