Top Faucet Manufacturers in The World (2020 Best Faucet Manufacturers Lists)

When decorating the kitchen and bathroom, everyone is very concerned about something such as range hoods, stoves, basins, and water heaters. I want to say that as the most frequently used area in the entire house, such as faucets should be paid more attention. Many people thought it was easy to choose a faucet. In fact, I found that there is actually a lot of knowledge inside. The faucet is no longer just a medium for water outlet, but the most important in the bathroom or kitchen. At the same time, the faucet can be said to be one of the most used accessories in home improvement or engineering. The number of its use and its vulnerability determine its demand must be large in the market.

The faucets are assumed to be divided according to their use. They can be divided into basin faucet, kitchen faucet, bathtub faucet, washing machines, and mop pool faucet. In terms of function and structure, they can be divided into single-cooled ordinary faucet, induction faucet, and heating and cooling faucet. , Water-saving faucets with aerators, etc. Washing machines and mop pool faucets use single-cooled faucets. Balconies and other local areas are usually not recommended. Buying a faucet with a bubbler can speed up the flushing of the mop and increase the flushing ability, which will save water.

Faucets are indispensable for any occasion. The faucet is one of the important tools for water to flow. The quality of the faucet is also important. So choosing a good faucet manufacturer can not only make daily life more convenient and comfortable, but also make your Life becomes greener, environmentally friendly, clean, and economical.

Today we will focus on bringing 5 faucet manufacturers for everyone to select.

1.Voli faucet manufacturer

Voli was founded in 1996 and is located in Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, China. Cixi can be called the hometown of faucet manufacturing in China, and millions of faucets are sent from here to all over the world every year. Voli is a faucet supplier managed by professional managers. It mainly produces and sells bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, and other faucets. It has customers in 16 countries/regions on four continents. Its business covers more than 100 countries and regions around the world. The amount exceeds 50 million euros.

Voli’s core values are “innovation, design, technology”. As a top faucet manufacturer, its team has many designers and processing technicians who have worked in the faucet manufacturing industry for decades. And Voli’s innovative faucet design has won a good reputation among its customers all over the world. In addition, as a provider of daily faucets, Voli’s products have a good appearance and strong technical guarantees also enable its products to provide convenience, comfort, and durability to customers who use their products.

Product advantages:

1.Consulting design. Voli faucet manufacturer‘s team of engineers and designers can customize the faucet according to customer requirements.

2. Reliable quality assurance. As a top faucet manufacturer, Voli’s cooperating material suppliers are naturally very well-known. The brass, stainless steel, plastic, resin, and other materials they provide are of good quality.

3. Firm packaging. In order to ensure that every customer receives the undamaged products, before leaving the factory, Voli will pack the products tightly with cartons, color boxes, PE bags, etc.

4. Fast logistics. Voli has cooperated with many well-known logistics companies around the world in order to allow its customers to get the products as soon as possible.

2. Friedrich Grohe

Friedrich Grohe is a world-renowned faucet manufacturer and global exporter. For a long time, Grohe has insisted on presenting accurate and high-quality products to customers. Its business covers many countries such as Europe and Asia, and it creates a lot of profits every year.

At the same time, as one of the oldest faucet manufacturers, Friedrich Grohe, founded in 1936, currently has representative offices in 140 countries, as well as 12 production plants and 17 operating subsidiaries.
Grohe has developed in the Asia-Pacific market for more than 20 years and already has a strong influence. Today, Grohe has been favored and cooperated with many well-known hotels. These hotels include Shangri-La Hotel, Hyatt Hotel and Sheraton Hotel. Grohe has obtained the ISO9001 international quality certification for its excellent faucet manufacturing and design, and has become one of the first best faucet manufacturers to receive the award.

The company has achieved success with excellent product quality, excellent technical level and extensive research and development results. It successfully combines superior technology and perfect design.

Product advantages:

1. Excellent appearance design. The Grohe Product Design Center in Haimer, Germany was established in 1997 and is still one of the most famous design centers in the faucet industry.
2. Reliable quality assurance. It has always been one of Grohe’s production standards to make the bese faucet.

3. HCG

HCG was established in Taiwan in 1931. After nearly 90 years of hard work, it has become one of the most high-end faucet brands in the world. HCG is the world’s leading faucet manufacturer, and enjoys the reputation of “the world’s top ten faucets “. For many years, the company has focused on the mid-to-high-end product market and projects. These projects are mainly star hotels, luxury residences, commercial buildings, and technology factories, famous cultural and sports facilities, municipal engineering, etc. After years of development, HCG has established a very complete sales system and after-sales service system. More than 100 distributors have been established in North America, the Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia, and a total of 600 distribution points have been established to meet market needs.

Product advantages:

1. Trendy design style. HCG has established a design center in Italy and hired a professional design team.
2. Advanced production line. HCG has an advanced production plant, which can use different materials to produce faucets at the lowest cost.


TOTO is a manufacturer that produces and sells faucets and related equipment used in civil and commercial facilities. The pursuit of high quality and high technology has always been TOTO’s business philosophy. At the same time, letting users enjoy a sanitary, healthy and comfortable life has always been a goal that TOTO has been pursuing as a faucet manufacturer.

Unlike other manufacturers, in addition to pursuing the best in products, TOTO has also been leading in the fields of green and environmental protection. Over the years, TOTO has been committed to protecting water resources, through advanced research and development technology to develop integrated composite structure faucet products to create a more economical daily life environment.

At the same time, TOTO is far ahead of other manufacturers in the combination of water and technology. Innovative technology makes TOTO become synonymous with modern smart bathroom and kitchen products with its excellent functions and high reliability products.

Product advantages

1. Advanced technology. TOTO can use electronic chip technology to make the faucet an important part of the smart bathroom.
2. Excellent antifouling ability. Different from other faucet manufacturers, on the basis of anti-bacterial, bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets and other products produced by TOTO also have antifouling effect, which can keep sanitary ware products clean for a long time and prevent the formation of scale and dirt.


Kohler Kitchen and Bath Group is a member of Kohler Company and plays an important role in leading the field of kitchen and bathroom products. As a diversified manufacturing company, it is the world’s leading manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom equipment.

Kohler Kitchen & Bathroom Group’s products mainly include sanitary ware, faucets, showers and so on. The company’s sales network covers the world, including the United States, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, Latin America, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

Modern product design, innovative sanitary technology, high-quality service, and complete solution synchronization are all promises to become KOHLER users. At the same time, KOHLER integrates the world’s leading sanitation technology into various product designs, helping consumers create unparalleled comfort, safety, and water-saving lifestyles.

Product advantages

1. Rich product categories. As one of the most famous faucet manufacturers in the world, KOHLER can produce almost all types of faucets on the market, including basin faucets, kitchen faucets, shower faucets, bathtub faucets, and so on.
2. Trustworthy after-sales service. KOHLER has many distributors all over the world, and can provide you with various after-sales services anytime, anywhere.

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