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01Consultation And Design

  • VOLI is here to provide free professional advice for your business to guarantee that all processes meet your budget needs.
  • Provide us your design ideas and we will find the ideal product, including showers, faucets,bathroom and kitchen parts in our stock that fits your preferences. We also follow through on whatever revisions you have in mind for the design.
  • Our expert team of engineers and designers render your idea on the paper based on our deep understanding of your needs.
  • 02Visualize Your Design

    • Our experienced designers provide designs in line with your requirements on the style, size, and function. We aim to improve your products and their function and quality.
    • Designers will take a look at your ideas that you bring and we will take care of whatever revisions you want.
    • Our factory will also confirm the material used and surface treatment that you need. This way, we can assure that the design is ready to go to the workshop.
  • 03Manufacture Your Product

    • To reduce your costs, we control the manufacturing process for every product we design. The methods we use include casting or injection molding, machining, electroplating, and surface treatment.
    • We use the best mold to avoid burrs in the products we make and guarantee an efficient manufacturing process. Our factory offers a shorter lead time for contractors who are pressed for time and to help you replenish your stock.
  • 04Quality Assurance

    • We guarantee premium materials from reliable and well-known suppliers for plastic, brass, stainless steel and silicone. Our trusted network includes popular brands such as LG Chem, Dupont and Wenzhou JiuXin Stainless Steel Co.,ltd.
    • Experienced QC staff are trained to focus on quality and thoroughly supervise the manufacturing process.
    • Products will be checked to see if they are 100% leak-free. Water used in the leak-free test will be reused. Salt spray tests are offered in case you need any reports.
  • 05Packaging And Delivery

    • Our packaging options help you ensure the safety of every product. Prior to delivery, we check our products for any defects and guarantee that we use the right packaging box, which are color boxes, blister, and PE bag.
    • For wholesalers, we have even more options for your convenience when you want to put up your products on shelves right away. Contact us for more details and we guarantee a reply within the day.

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