Best Bathroom Faucet Brands 2021

Making an image of your desire bathroom style is an easy and quick process. But choosing the best brand for your items could be challenging because of the wide options available. Many companies are offering premium quality and elegant style faucets with the latest technology. Out of all those choosing one brand needs some smartness and intelligence.

We will help you to figure out which bathroom faucet is brand is reliable than others. Before jumping into details of some best bathroom faucet brands, let us discuss the factors that you must notice while selecting a faucet brand for your bathroom.

Factors That You Should Consider Before Selecting a Brand

While choosing a faucet brand, you must consider some of the essential features discussed below!

Quality of the product

Quality of the product that a brand is offering speaks about the reliability of the brand. A few brands are overpriced as compared to the quality they provide. You must notice the internal parts of the faucet, the material used in the construction of the faucet should be of premium quality.

The best brand is the one that ensures to provide an excellent quality product in an affordable range of their customers.

Replacement of Parts

Generally, an ordinary faucet brand does not allow replacing parts individually. But a good brand has parts replacement availability, no matter how long back that faucet line is discontinued. This facility helps the customer to renew their old faucet, and also helps in saving money. So, look for the brand that has this facility.

Customer Service

A brand’s customer service should be excellent, as this is the only way to approach the brand. You get to know about the brand’s service only when you need to contact them. Once you contact them, and how long they take time to approach you back, defines their customer service.

Waiting for the email or message is quite irritating. So, it is better to choose a faucet brand that has good customer service.


We all want a product that stays with us for a long time. Always look for the brands that offer warranty support with their products as it allows you to claim back. You won’t have to put efforts and money into buying new products frequently.

Usually, homeowners now call manufacturers directly if they have any problem or issues. Top brands always support their customers by giving them a good warranty for the product.


All of us want the right quality products at an affordable price. Some brands are too pricey for their quality, and a few are also cheap. You can’t buy an excellent quality product at a low cost. Always go for the brands that offer you the right products in an affordable range as this helps you stay within your budget.


Top 10 Best Bathroom Faucet Brands


Moen is one of the leading brands in the world of faucets. It was founded by Al Moen, in 1937 thus named as Moen. This brand is certified, and the products launched by it are free from harmful substances such as lead. This brand has received many awards from different organizations because of creating some fantastic faucets for the bathroom.

They use innovative and advance technology in creating the faucets by introducing power clean. Motion sense and magnetic technology, have made the life of their customers easy and comfortable. Everyone loves their smooth touchless faucets, as your hands move they will operate automatically without even touching it.

The Moen faucet has won the hearts of many users because of its innovative and stylish design. They also have fantastic customer service, as they respond to their valuable users within hours.

2. Delta Faucet Company

Another best bathroom faucet brand is Delta Faucet company which was established in 1954. The Delta is famous for producing high-quality and durable faucets. All their products are resistant to scratches and corrosion. They believe that water has enough power and energy to transform the living style of people; thus they make sure to give benefit to everyone,

Keeping in mind the customers’ needs, they have designed many innovative solutions for the problems by using technology’s magic. Significant innovations are MagnaTite, Touch20, and H20kinetic. Their faucet has impressive designs and guarantees to last with you for an extended period. With the Delta, now you can turn on your bathroom faucet with the tap of the elbow.

Delta will love to make your shower moments the happiest of all. Some of their faucet collections are Fuse, Zura, Pivotal, Tesla, Dorval, etc.

3. Kohler


Micheal Kohler founded Kohler in 1873. It is a leading manufacturer company and mainly produces faucets, plumbing fixtures, engines, etc. They ensure to have high quality and stylish faucets for bathrooms, kitchens, and sinks. Constructed with solid metal, the faucets are durable and super reliable.

When compared with ordinary companies, the Kohler exceeds two-time durability standards because of its solid brass construction. Their products resist tarnishing and corrosion and thus providing excellent performance. The advanced technologies used in the manufacturing of the faucets helps in saving a lot of water. Their faucets remain cozy in all weather conditions.

Kohler provides a range of different designs and offers a blend of durability in their faucets. The customers love their products as they are stylish yet practical. Their hot selling product is the touch-free faucet, as it is smooth and effective. The customer service of this brand is also exceptional.

4. Pfister

William Pfister established the Pfister in 1910. The faucets they produce are of excellent quality and offer unique features at a low price. With all the faucets’ finishing and reliability, this brand is winning the heart of many customers. Their most loved collectives are Stellen, Lainz, Venturi, Maia, and Bacci. The plus point of this brand is their price, which is less than traditional faucet brands.

Garden faucet was the first product produced by this brand. After launching this, they start making other faucets and military items. The quality residential products produced by them are popular and adds value in life. After 1950, they gained popularity because of their bathroom faucets. Their faucets go on for years without causing any trouble. If you want a lifetime faucet, then go for this brand.

5. Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe is a famous bathroom faucet brand that was established in 1901 by Grohe. The faucet of this company is well-known in the world. They are renowned because of their durability and innovative technology used. Instead of giving all the importance to the outward appearance and styling, this brand is trying to produce the best quality.

They are focusing on the construction of the faucet more than anything. The faucet they produce is a bit stylish and highly-functional. They have won many awards in delivering innovative products. Other than faucets, they have made a firm foot in kitchen accessories, shower accessories, and fittings.

A great act of this brand is that they always produce eco-friendly products and ensures to save water. They create comfortable and easy to use products without having any effect on functionality. The water usage by their faucet is far % less than traditional ones.

6. Grohe

Grohe is another best bathroom faucet brand and is famous because of its sanitary fittings. Friedrich Grohe established it in 1936. They have won uncountable awards and prizes due to their attractive designs and excellent functionality of products. They produce superior quality, comfortable, and durable products—Decor your bathroom with the Grohe faucet.

This company is playing a significant role in adding a positive impact on the world by saving water. They have gained success because of their innovative approach. The manufacturer has to produce smart control and sense a water security system; this helps keep water. The customer service of Grohe is impressive, and their all products come with a lifetime warranty.

7. California faucets

California faucets

Silverstein founded California in 1988. This company is producing premium quality kitchen and bathroom accessories. Because of the customers’ demand, California has different faucets that vary in their usage and function. The faucet is crafted with high-quality material and is spice up with superior innovation technology.

Make an image of a dream bathroom faucet and get the precise same from California faucets. You can order the design from their website or custom the design as per your own choice. All the faucets ensure excellent performance and are perfect for modern bathrooms. Some of their collections are Cardiff, Descanso, Corsano, etc. Get your restroom updated through a modern faucet.

8. Jaclo

Jaclo is a famous and best brand of kitchen and bathroom fittings. From 1901, this company has been serving prominently. Whether it is about plumbing equipment or the bathroom segment; they produce quality products. One of the best items in their bathroom segment is the faucet. The commitment to their work makes them a leading company.

The modern designs and technologies of the products give an attractive look to your bathroom. Their products have complete finishing and are made with premium quality material. Unlike ordinary faucet brands, this company offers 26 different types of finishing. They offer a warranty with their products, and their all products are durable.

9. Kingston Brass

Kingston Brass is a top-grade brand that is offering sanitary products from 1998. This company is producing thousands of different products and is increasing their number with each passing day. One of their top-quality product is kitchen faucets. Some of their unique collections are an American classic, Concord, Georgian, English vintage, and others.

They offer a warranty to their products that ranges from one year to 10 years. Along with the fantastic guarantee, they also provide an opportunity for replacement of the parts. If something breaks or gets damaged, then the customer can replace it easily from the company. Their products are entirely lead-free and have no toxic chemicals added to them.

10. Chicago Faucet

The Chicago Faucet was established in 1901 by Albert C. Brown. This company is getting popular with each passing day. They are well known because of their residential and commercial products in bathroom-kitchen segments. This brand is offering a large number of different bathroom faucets. The solid construction of the faucet ensures to stays with you for a long time.

The amazing fact of this brand is that it offers a lifetime warranty with its products, although it may vary in some cases. The different kinds of faucet they produce vary in their functionality. They make a variety of faucets, and all of them have other purposes. Some of their unique collections are E-Tronic, Hydronic series, EQ series, etc.

Final Verdict- Best Bathroom Faucet Brands

Hopefully, this article was helpful for you in selecting a faucet brand for your bathroom. All these top brands offer high-quality, smooth, durable, and stylish faucets. Look for the one that matches your need and budget. Give a chic and modern look to your bathroom by installing a faucet and make your life more comfortable than tomorrow.

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