Top Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets Brands in 2020

We all want beautiful and colorful faucets with sensitive technologies for our kitchens and bathrooms. Still, we are usually uncertain about the best choice out of the numerous faucet brands out there, all offering the best of their own uniqueness.

We did a lot of research, and compiled the information on the most reliable faucet brands out there, simplified to suit your purpose of purchasing a faucet. These reliable faucet brands include:

1. Grohe

Founded by Friedriche Grohe in 1936, this is a German-based manufacturer of plumbing materials with its headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany. Grohe’s enviable and successful attempts at creativity have earned them a place as a top manufacturer of plumbing materials and faucets in the US.

Grohe devotes to producing wonderful and eco-friendly technologies that save a great deal of energy and stop water wasting in households. Grohe manufacturers are unlimited – they don’t just produce the best and creative faucets, but they also produce different materials for different plumbing purposes. Their smart and sensible water control system and very colorful faucets and water systems show the manufacturers’ high creative innovation.

Grohe commits to customers total satisfaction and trust by ensuring lasting warranties spanning electronics, control valves, and beautiful finishing.

If you’re particular about a beautiful brand with colorful faucets and finishing, you should speed up to Grohe.

2. Phylrich

Phylrich started recently in the US and is gaining a lot of popularity amongst the masses due to their consistency of production and the rarity of raw materials used to create their elegant faucets.

Phylrich produces one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art models, handcrafted and decorated with classic raw materials, making their products outstanding and on the higher side of a budget compared to other manufacturers.

Phylrich innovators have effective Customer Care Representatives, dedicated to coming to their customers’ aid while offering longer warranty periods on all of their products.

Are you artsy and crazy about having an original artwork sitting in your kitchen? Phylrich is surely your bus stop.

3. Pfister

Founded by Emil Price and William Pfister, these manufacturers came into the faucet market in 1910 and gained immediate popularity due to their people-trapping tagline “Price Pfister, the Pfabulous Pfaucet with the Pfunny name” (I find it humorous too).

Aside from having an eye-catching tagline, the Pfister manufacturers efficiently deliver quality faucets for different purposes. Their very first product was a garden faucet, which placed them amongst top manufacturers decades ago. Their production paved the way for their manufacturers to build military fittings during World War 1 and 2.

The Pfisters produce the highest quality of luxurious faucets, making your kitchen look as wonderful as their tagline. They manufacture the best as they promise and have, over time, retained faultless customer service professionals.

They offer a wide range of different faucet styles to select from and just recently included the Pforever warranty, which offers a lifetime resolution of problems encountered using their products.

The Pfisters have their quality faucets endorsed by various organizations. By picking Pfister, you’re sure to pick quality above all!

4. Kohler

If you are a fan of designer brands, Kohler should definitely be your choice of faucet. Founded by John Michael Kohler in 1893 in Wisconsin, USA, the Kohler company seems to be the most loved faucet brand manufacturers in the USA. They build their faucets with an enhanced technological advantage to remain fully comfortable in any weather! They are one of the few reliable faucet manufacturers who still fabricate pure cast iron bathtubs.

Kohler manufacturers offer stunning futuristic styled equipment with premium designs and finishing, which sets them apart. They consistently update their fancy designs and recently unveiled Kohler’s Konnect, a smart plumbing fitting that is all-encompassing for kitchens and bathrooms. The manufacturers enable the operation of their products via Amazon Alexa and Google Home using an inbuilt Wi-Fi, which poses as a subtle way to stay above their competitors. They also include wonderful technologies that prevent water wastage in households.

5. Moen

Founded in 1937 by Al Moen, Moen remains one of North America’s most famous faucet brands. Moen has the endorsements of organizations for its non-poisonous materials and freedom from toxic substances like lead compounds, coupled with its amazing filtration abilities.

Moen has created dazzling faucets made mainly for bathrooms and kitchens, developed with enhanced touchless technologies like motion sensing, which needs just a slight movement of your hands to respond and operate efficiently. (Amazing, right?)

Moen offers other advanced technologies like Power Clean and Magnetix, making your life satisfying and beautiful!

Moen beats its competitors at including the touchless faucet with their exceptional enhanced technologies, making their brand the most suitable for countertops and underground kitchen sinks.

Their robotic and innovative creations earned them the top spot in the hearts of Americans and have given them the chance to earn various awards, including the 2019 Architectural’s Award for excellent bathroom faucet designs. Moen also sidelined its competitors to win America’s Most Trusted Faucet Brand, organized by Life Story Research in 2019.

6. Delta Faucet

Whoever is yet to experience the coolest kinds of faucets is yet to try one of the best kinds of faucets: the Delta brand of faucet. Delta Faucet reshaped the faucet world in 2011, putting other faucet brands on their toes when they introduced their unique technologies like MangaTite® Docking, Touch20® tech H2Okinetics®.

Delta manufacturers produce highly elegant and especially performing faucets, combining a more diverse array of beautiful designs and awesome technologies in one faucet than any other faucet manufacturer. From Delta manufacturers, one single faucet could have Touch20 technology, electronic sensors for hypersensitivity, super strong magnets to hold extra hoses, diamond-styled seals that promise no leaks, and other wonderful facilities that limit the spreading of water – all these wonders at quite an affordable price!

They are the best brand with a wide technological selection advantage.

From our list of the most reliable faucet brands, we suggested brands with an excellent combination of beauty, originality, and magical sensitivity, all within your budget for a wonderful faucet suitable for your personality and household size.

It’s time you make your choice!

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