Best Shower Head Types Guide 2020

Starting a shower business requires mastery of various aspects of showerheads. You need knowledge regarding the different types of showerheads that exist, the differences among the showerheads, the characteristics of the popular showerheads in 2020, and the types of showerheads that turn the most profit for you.

At VILI shower head manufacturers, we show you the best shower heads 2020 based on the various types, their uses, customer preferences, and the cost-benefit generated by their manufacturing.

Shower Head Types List

1. Fixed shower head

hansgrohe shower head

Fixed shower heads are commonly referred to as wall mounted shower heads because they are immovable on the walls. The showerheads have a lack of frills and are smaller in size. The diameter of the showerheads reaches a maximum of five inches. The showerhead is brilliant because it provides the user with constant solid pressure minus the whistles. For multifunction showerheads, the settings could be altered depending on need. The major ranges differ from concentrated massages to wide gentle sprays.

2. Rainfall / Rain Shower Heads

ORB Square shower head

Rain showerheads are similar to fixed showerheads because they are fixed, but are much larger in size. The coverage of the shower is much increased because the showerheads are usually larger than six inches (coverage refers to the width of the spray, usually used to determine the warmth quality of a shower). Similar to the feeling from the rain, the rain showerhead leaves a ticklish and gentle feeling for the users.

3. Handheld Shower Heads

Massage Spa Detachable Hand Held Shower Head

Handheld showerheads are the most popular shower head types. The versatility and multi-functionality of the handheld showerhead is an essential component for anyone building a new shower. The purposes of the handheld showerhead include the ability to use it while still mounted on the wall, while off the wall to rinse the soap from your body while holding and directing it, and to fill water pails outside the bathroom. The best aspect of the handheld showerhead is the freedom it provides the user. The handheld showerhead is also useful for elderly people who lack proper strength for support, people with injuries, and for bathing children. Regardless of the use, the showerhead goes where the user wants it to go.

4. Dual Shower Head

Massage Spa Detachable Hand Held Shower Head

Simply stated, this type of showerhead combines the benefits of the rain showerhead and the handheld showerhead. It gives you a two-in-one feeling and use. The dual shower head has been described as one of the best shower experiences because it lets you experience two types of showering functions at the same time. The only disadvantage to this shower is that installing it means that your water pressure will reduce due to sharing. However, you could always add an extra pump to increase the pressure for optimal feelings.

5. High-Pressure Shower Heads

High-Pressure Shower Heads

The high-pressure showerhead utilizes a rainfall type of massage shower that has a wide and powerful stream. The capacity of the stream is such that it can cover the entire body at once, and the high pressure rinses the soap from the body easily. It is especially useful when cleaning off hair after an intense wash, and you can say goodbye to the chores associated with rinsing hair. For people living in the UK, the showerhead is absolutely useful in solving the problem of low water pressure.

6. Low Flow Shower Heads

Low Flow Shower Heads

This type of shower head is also called the Water Saving Shower Head. The main feature of the showerhead is its ability to save on water usage.

7. Filtered Shower Heads

Filtered Shower Heads

This type of shower head is important for people who use hard water for their showering needs. The filtered shower heads cut back on the amounts of chlorine and scale that is usually a component of hard water and reduces the dryness associated with hard water. Depending on the use and the hardness of the water, it is advisable that you change the filters every six months to maximize functionality.

8. Ceiling Shower Head

overhead rainfall shower head

Ceiling mount shower heads help to showcase a luxurious and exotic finish to a bathroom, and its large diameter allows the customer to enjoy a high-quality shower experience. The water pours directly straight down and ensures that only the affected areas of the bathroom become wet while the remaining areas remain dry. The main disadvantages of the ceiling shower head are three: they are expensive to install, they are water inefficient and tend to consume a lot of water, and the water flows at low pressure.

9. LED Shower Head

LED Shower head 3 colors automaticlly controled by temperature

LED shower heads to revamp the spice in your shower experience and quality. The LED colours help to develop a variety of beautiful and colorful lights utilizing the latest technology in showerhead production. Water temperature provides different hues in three main categories. Hot water showers show a red hue; warm water will have green and yellow sparkling lights, while cold water will have a blue colour. The LED lights come in multiple colours, and one needs to choose a shower head with the best quality and durability.

10. RV Shower Head

RV Shower Head

People with RVs use the showerheads because they are easy to mount and hence used by people who regularly use RVs for camping and traveling.

11. Heated Shower Head

electric shower head

Heated shower heads are the best idea for poolside hot water showers often utilized for rinsing off after a swim; often to remove chlorine from pool water. The showerhead removes the need for piping and the need for a water heater as used by hot water heaters. The mechanism is simple. Water flows to the shower, and the showerhead heats the water as it pours from the head, and the customer enjoys a hot water shower experience. The showerhead is highly economical because of its major differences from conventional water heaters. Conventional water heaters take time to heat the water and usually heat a higher volume of water than is needed. The heated shower head only heats the water needed and hence conserves electric energy.

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